5/19/2019 Sermon Notes

Below are notes shown during Pastor Mark LaCour’s sermon on 5/19/2019. You can listen to the sermon here: https://www.gracebiblefellowship.com/sermons

Definitions of five of the markers of a Christian:

What is Fear?
A respect for God based on His authority and capacity to change an outcome for good or bad.

What is Love?
An attraction for God driven by the Spirit that sees Him as desirable treasure to be obeyed and believed.

What is Joy?
Joy is that satisfied (already) desire or anticipated (not yet) delight the members of the trinity have toward one another which is produced by the Holy Spirit in His people as He causes them to see the beauty of Christ in the word and in the world.

What is Contentment?
A settled satisfaction with the manifestations of God’s love toward the providences of life.

What is Jealousy?
A divine determination that seeks to protect the majesty of God and to possess the grace of God.